Friday, July 1, 2011

A life gone in a second...

This morning when I called my husband to chat he informed me that a guy he used to work with passed away in a horrible car crash yesterday afternoon. With out going into much detail I looked up the crash on local news sites. Little did I know it was this tragic and bad...
This photo is of his red ford truck smashed against the semi truck that hit him. I don't need to go into how bad it was because you can see in the picture just how bad it was. I met John once last Christmas Eve when he came over with another guy from my husbands work to ride dirt bikes and his four wheeler. He was a very nice guy. He had three children that I believe are ages 4 and twins that are 7. My heart just breaks for his family. As almost every blog post I write, I always talk about my brothers passing. I know the extreme pain, and heartache they are going through. My brother isn't replaceable, and neither is their dad. Three young kids that's now have to grow up with out their father. Why???!! Because a semi truck driver didn't realize he was stopping due to a traffic jam and going 65 mph slammed right into him. The truck driver was driving while impaired, had possession of methadone, possession of marijuana, and possession of drug paraphernalia. A state trooper at the scene said it was one of the worst accidents he has ever seen especially with so many cars involved. My husbands former co-worker was not the only one killed. He killed two others that were involved. These three kids thought their daddy was on his way home and didn't know they would never get to see him again. I just don't understand why people have to drink and drive and drive under the influence of drugs, let alone do drugs in general!
I have never met John's wife before, or his three children. Knowing the pain I have went through from my brothers death I can't help but have them on my mind ever since I found out. I thought loosing my brother was tuff. I thought going back to work was tuff. I thought breathing was unfair if he couldn't... Imagine how his wife feels who now carries the pain of loosing her husband and the father of her three kids who wont get to have their daddy anymore. Imagine explaining to your children that daddy isn't coming home, that he has gone home to Heaven. It doesn't matter if I have never met her or not, I feel in my heart I need to help her. I would like to set up a donation for his family. If every person who reads this, shares this, and they each donate $5, we can help this Mom that is now a Widow as much as possible. With a family used to two incomes, and raising three small children I want to help her as much as possible. With all the money I raise, I would like to buy her grocery gift cards, I would like to buy the kids something, and hopefully pay at least one of her major bills (electric or water) for a month. Even helping her this little, to her it will be BIG. After my brother passed away, we had people come in our home we hadn't seen in YEARS, DECADES! They brought us groceries, dinners that lasted forever, they cleaned..and we didn't ask for anything. When you go through this pain, and shock you don't think of any of those things. In fact, you could care less if you eat daily...Most of the time you don't want to eat! I ask that you please consider helping this family. I can promise you, that every single donation will be contributed to her. I always said that God will give me a purpose through my pain, helping others who loose a loved one. Any donation counts, large or small and it is ALL greatly appreciated. If you cant donate, I ask that you please pray for this family. For his children. Please pray that they will find peace in their heart.

TO make a donation you can donate via pay pal to email or send a check to Kristin Cole 1471 Remington Lane NW concord nc 28027. Either way you send it can you please note on their that it is for this cause. I will personally send you a thank you card with a receipt of all the bills, grocery gift cards that I have bought. Thank you in advance!

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