Sunday, May 6, 2012

A life changing four years

Four years ago today at 3:23am I gave birth to the most beautiful blue eyed baby boy. My sweet FOUR year old has stolen my heart....Wrapped it around his finger and melted it millions of times already in four years with his sweetness and kindness! When I first laid eyes on him my life had changed for the third time in 10 months! There is a change of life when you get married...Pure joy and in love with your spouse and so happy to finally be married to him! Then there is a change of complete heartache for what felt like eternity after the passing of a sibling..It feels like your life will never go back to happy....Then there is a change when you lay eyes on your child for the firs time. It is almost indescribable. The love that automatically takes over your heart, the pure joy of seeing that sweet face you've been dreaming about for 9 months, seeing the human that was living inside of you keeping you alive every day after the most gut wrenching life change. I just cant even begin to describe how much I love this boy! Four years of complete joy watching him grow into what I think is a perfect little boy. He has given my life so much and I am so thankful that God chose ME to be his earthly mommy out of the billions of women on this planet. He chose ME!!!! I am so lucky to be Logan's mommy. Today I am blessed with the memories of bringing Logan into this world. Just to give you a quick giggle at one of the memories Josh and I have of d-day...Literally a few minutes after delivering Logan, Josh looked at me and said-Well, 1 down 3 more to go!! Now you must know I felt nothing during my delivery and my labor was only ruff for 30 or so minutes so I just giggled at him..Our amazing Doctor kindly told him...You better watch what you say!! Little did we know those 3 more would only turn into 1 more (unless there is a twin hiding somewhere in my belly!) 3 years later! I love the memories Logan has brought into our life. The laughter, the tears of joy, the heart warming hugs and kisses and the LOVE... Happy Birthday to the most amazing FOUR year old I know. Mommy loves you to the moon and back a billion times and more!